Master of Demon Subjugation

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In order to save the border town Tianhe from evil disasters, demon slayer Wu Jingzi sent a professional letter, inviting demon slayers from the sky to come and support the town. Nomad Ah Shi was kidnapped by a small demon while passing through Tianhe. Fortunately, a beautiful lady named Meng Zhu rescued him and escaped. Ah Shi found that Meng Zhu was exactly like the fairy sister in his dream, and fell in love immediately. He followed Meng Zhu back to Tianhe Village and worshipped Meng Zhu as his teacher. On the order of Wu Jingzi, he became infatuated with Meng Zhu. The big brother Bu Weilong, and the other demon descendants, went to the Yunzhan Cave of Fuling Mountain together to eliminate the culprit of the demon disaster-the Millennium Pig Demon.


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